I'm a creative artist located in Copenhagen, Denmark

I spend most of my professional life as a developer, creating various web applications.

⁠I have by now 𝟳+ 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 of experience in making different types of websites, frontend & backend, from start to finish. ⁠As a hobby, I take photographs, and create films for both private projects, but also client work. I love being creative while challenging myself to learn even more.

I am very fascinated with film, lighting, and cinematography in general. If you have an exciting project, that you see is a good fit, feel free to reach out.

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Web developer as profession | Filmmarker by passion

Job vs. passion

By day I work professionally as a frontend developer for one of the biggest companies in Denmark (Nuuday).

I daily work with a techstack of Gatsby/ReactJs & Contentful Headless CMS, building up the company's main website from the ground up.

Visit my LinkedIn to see more details of experiences and skills

As a passion I take pictures of various different types. I love to explore, and learn in the art of photography. I've had the opportunity to take a part of some projects, that ranged from events like weddings, to product photography of foods and beverages.

I'm in the fortunate event that my job is also hobby, just as much as photography and video, but the big difference is that I choose photo, and video to only be temporary passion project now and then, when I have the time for it.