Why Wix is ​​bad for your website

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6 February - 2022

If you have a desire to build and maintain your own website without having to wait for a web agency which otherwise would costs you money each time you send them an email, then it is completely understandable why a product like Wix is ​​appealing.

I have heard many arguments from both private individuals and business owners why their choice fell on Wix.com, but one of the most used arguments is that they don't want to use a web agency to maintain the website, in that is too expensive, and that they wants to have full control over the content. It sounds honestly like fair arguments, but now that we are COMPLETELY honest, would you rather not concentrate on running your business, than boxing with getting a website up and running, which only "maybe" will be good enough to benefit your needs?

If I have to build a garage for the car, then I can definitely "save" money on building it myself, but I personally prefer not to see the garage fall over my car. I'd rather let a carpenter do the work, so I know I'm getting the quality I need.

What is Wix anyway?

Wix is ​​an online website builder, which means that with Wix you can build and maintain your website, without any kind of knowledge of coding. When you sign up for Wix, you can even choose their free version - though with commercials.

Via their platform, you have the opportunity to choose between different templates that will hopefully suit your needs.

Doesn't that sound smart? Wix is ​​easy to get started with and does not require the large configuration before your new website is online, but, but, but!

What seems to be easy has its limitations and does not automatically turn into something good.

Limited system

As the owner of a Wix website, you have to accept that you have bought into a very limited system. Since you can build the website without coding, you can also not use code to add extra functionality to the website.


Advanced SEO is cumbersome

Wix has gradually improved a lot when it comes to search engine optimization. In the past, much of the criticism was, among other things, poor link structure and lack of ability to customize, title and meta tags. However, this is no longer the case for great improvement for your SEO.

However, there is still something lagging behind when it comes to SEO and it comes from the limitations of the system. Since you ultimately do not have full control over the website code, you will never be in full control of your SEO.

Its.... sloooooow

You should expect to get a slow website if you choose to build it in Wix. Additionally, you can expect to be just as annoyed that Wix’s interface is just as slow.

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No one bothers to wait for a website to finish loading. Google's statistics show that if the website's loading time exceeds 3 seconds, users' dropouts increase by 32%. Over 6 seconds, your dropout rate rises to 106%.

This not only means poorer ranking in Google search results, but also potentially lost revenue for your business.

Even more important today to look at page load, with the rollout of Core web vitals from Google.

Not that mobile friendly

In the user panel from Wix, you have the option to adjust the website for mobile viewing. However, I still see so many incredible websites built in Wix that make themselves absolutely awful on a mobile and tablet. It is a No-Go if you want a good experience for your users, as well as good placement in the search results.

Not even that cheap

Wix is ​​basically free when you first set up, but with the chin that advertisements are displayed on the website and you do not have the option of your own domain. Thereby you end up lightning-fast on the paid version.

Their packages are between € 4.5-24.5 per month, depending on how little or a lot of functionality and space you want. The popular package of € 12.5 gives you 10GB of server space, compared to Unoeuro which costs € 2.5 for the same amount of space.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to buy extra apps for your Wix page, which you can only find prices for when you are up and running.


According to Wix and their terms of use, you own all intellectual property rights regarding your user content, but if you study it a bit, the following part catches my eye.

Allow Wix to use any version of your user platform (or parts thereof) for any Wix marketing and promotional activity, online and / or offline, free of charge, and modify what may reasonably be required for such purposes , and you waive any claim against Wix or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with any past, present or future moral rights, artistic rights or other similar rights worldwide that you may have in or to your User Website with respect to such limited permitted uses.

Wix Terms of Use 2.2 pcs. 5

It does not sound nice for a company that wants control over how their brand is used.

So.. Who who is Wix for?

Of course, there are some who can easily trade Wix to build their website in. Personal bloggers or small hobby companies do not necessarily have to invest nearly as much in their website as other companies. It all depends on what you expect from the future and not least earnings.


If we return to the argument that one wants one's own control over the content of the website, I would argue that there are better alternatives.

Many websites today are built on popular CMS systems, such as Joomla or WordPress, which make it easy to maintain your website in the same way as with Wix.

However, these systems do not have the same limitations as at Wix, as you have the opportunity to 'cough' the solution yourself and thus have access to all corners.

But what about the part about being able to code yourself? A web agency will easily be able to scale the CMS so that you just need to be able to write your content in the same way as in Microsoft Word.

Yes, a web agency costs money, but just as a new garage is better built by a carpenter, your company's website is also best served by the right professionals. There will probably always be tasks for your website that will require a web developer or designer to take care of, so why not find a web agency from the start that you can trust.